Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Trips

Jason kicked off the Summer with a trip to Rome, Italy for the World Boomerang Championships. He competed as part of the US team (he was on team 3). He may do a post at some point about his trip, but he was there for a week and was able to do about a day and a half of sight-seeing, and the US #1 team won the tournament (way to go Rad Revolution!!) - which was very exciting.

While he was gone, the girls and I spent a day up at my parents' house in Dahlonega. We had a fun time and it was nice to have a little getaway. My mom had previously done stepping stones with all the grandchildren, but Heidi and Rachel had not had a chance yet. So, we did that while we were there. Heidi enjoyed leaving her footprints in the concrete and then pushing stones in to the concrete to decorate them. Here is Rachel leaving her little footprints.Then we also spent some time playing in the Chestatee River. My niece Kelsey was also there. All the girls had fun throwing rocks and making big splashes in the water. It was a little chilly, but fairly easy to get used to. However I did put Rachel's foot in the water and she immediately jerked it up out of the water - that was it for her. :-)And Heidi initially had no interest in getting in the creek. But it didn't take long at all for her to get in and really start enjoying herself.
And Emma got the wettest - as usual. :-)
Then for Memorial Day weekend the girls and I drove up to NC for our niece's 1st birthday party. It's about a 4 hour drive and of course it took us longer than that, but all the girls traveled REALLY well. I was very thankful. We really enjoyed our visit at Kirsten & David's house and had a fun time at Becca's party. Kirsten did a great job making ladybug cakes.And Becca thoroughly enjoyed hers. Happy 1st Birthday Becca!!!All our girls in the ball pit.

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