Monday, June 21, 2010

An Adventure Day

Two Fridays ago (6/11) we had a fun adventure day! We needed to have our Cr-V serviced, so we took it to the dealership (about an hour away from our house) and then went on to Buford Dam Park on Lake Lanier. We were planning to do a hiking trail. So we went for our hike - a little over a mile round trip.
And we found a fun bench swing along the path.
When we arrived, we saw there was a beach area along the lake too. After the hike, the girls changed in to their bathing suits and enjoyed the beach and water for an hour or so. (Camera stayed in the car as not to get dropped in the water - so no pictures.)

We left the park to go eat lunch. After lunch we called to check on the status of the car and there were a couple more things they recommended doing; translation: "2 or 3 more hours." So we headed just down the street to The Mall of Georgia (really large mall, for those who don't know). They have a small indoor kiddie playground,a carousel (which Emma didn't want to ride for some reason),
some kiddie cars that you pay $0.50 or something to ride (we didn't ride any of them, but they made for some cute pictures),and bungee trampolines. Heidi REALLY wanted to do the bungee trampoline. We have video, no pictures. But I think the video is a super huge file, so we'll have to figure out how to post it.

So after dropping our car off at 9AM, we picked it up at 6PM and drove back home. And all 3 girls fell asleep on the way home. :-) It was a fun, tiring, adventurous day! But hopefully some memories were made.

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