Monday, March 22, 2010

Yard of the Month

So as you may or may not know, ever since the floods in September of last year, we have been trying to figure out how water is getting in to our crawl space. The conclusion was that the grading of the landscape around our house allowed for water to pool up next to the foundation, soak in to the ground and eventually get in to the crawl space. And with all the rain we had in the fall, and really through the winter too, the ground is saturated.

So we decided to have the ground on one side of the house and in the back regraded to allow water to flow away from the house. Additionally, we installed a drainage system of pipes to move the water away from the house.

All of this work was done last week and there's still a little bit of regrading and smoothing out to do this week. Then we'll put down grass seed and straw and hope we have a yard by Summer. :-) If not, maybe we can open it up to be a dirt bike or 4-wheeler track for the neighborhood. ;-)

The best thing was when Emma got off the bus the afternoon after this started, she asked who made the mess. I told her we had some men helping us move some dirt and put in some pipes. She said, "No, the leprechauns did it!" Being the week of St. Patrick's Day, apparently some leprechauns were causing some problems in their classroom - making lots of messes - so she felt the leprechauns had been at our house too. :-)

This is called Georgia Red Clay. Doesn't it look like fun?
Trench through the front yard to the street.The side "yard" after the pipe and drain boxes have been installed.Our back "yard." Now isn't that pretty. This is where we have to visualize grass. :-)There's something kinda fun about having a Bobcat parked in your front yard. :-)


  1. But did you get to drive the Bobcat that was parked in front of your house?
    That would make it even more fun. :)

  2. Too bad you don't have any boys. They would LOVE this!!