Saturday, February 2, 2013

November, Minus Thanksgiving

More catching up...

We have a collection of maple trees in the front yard that deposit quite a collection of leaves in the Fall.  They make for a great leaf pile to play in!
One of our girls' favorite characters is Miss Patty Cake. We love her in this house!  She was doing a show at one of the local churches and a friend invited us to go with them.  The girls were so excited - especially Rachel!

She was so mesmerized!
She did all of the motions to all of the songs.
All of us thoroughly enjoyed the show! Afterward there was a reception and an opportunity to take pictures with Miss Patty Cake.  Emma loved it!  Heidi was willing.  And Rachel refused. So I had to jump in too.

I'm so glad we had the opportunity to go!

Next came Thanksgiving festivities at schools. Heidi's Kindergarten class had a feast that we were invited to attend.  They sang a couple songs then had a feast (snack) of their own.
Rachel created her own Thanksgiving themed things at preschool - a turkey picture, turkey hat, and Indian costume.

Finally, Rachel loves to sing and a song she has learned at BSF has to do with monkeys swinging from a tree and an alligator snapping them out of the tree. :-)  It's super cute.  I just had to get a video of it to share.

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