Monday, May 7, 2012

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel

Rachel is 2 1/2 - and I tend to say, "going on 12." She's growing up so fast and always trying to do what her sisters are doing.  At the same time, she is still VERY 2.  But she is growing up fast.  I recently bought her a new bicycle helmet because she had outgrown the infant helmet we had for her. She LOVES to wear it and has learned to peddle her tricycle quite well.
She really enjoys riding around in the cul-de-sac and wants to go down the hill of our street, but we haven't allowed that yet.  I'm pretty sure if we did, I would be carrying at least the bike back up the hill, maybe her too. :-)  I have a video I want to post, but it's not working. Maybe it'll be it's own entry.

She seems to have an organizational side to her (although it does not present itself in cleaning up and putting away). She likes to line things up. A few weeks ago I needed to take all of our cans out of the cabinet to spray (again) for little blank ants. First I found her stacking them one on top of one another making quite a tall tower on the kitchen bench.  I was afraid the tower might fall and crush some little toes, so we moved the project to the floor. Here's what she did next.
Lately, one of her favorite things to do is "walk her dog." We have a plastic pull toy puppy that she really enjoys. She has been seen many places other than home, walking this dog.  But this was hilarious... She tied the "leash" of the dog to the doll stroller; loaded up the stroller with stuff; and went for a walk outside.
Last, but definitely not least, we are in the process of transitioning her to a big girl bed.  This came out of necessity when I was changing the sheet of her crib a week or so ago and discovered one side of the mattress support was cracked/broken. That would mean one little monkey doing TOO MUCH jumping in her bed! So, right now she is sleeping on her crib mattress on the floor.  She seems to like it. Although she still wants someone to come get her when she wakes up. I remember the other two doing that too - strikes me as funny, but I guess until now, they have ALWAYS had someone get them out of their bed, so it makes sense - just funny.
 We'll probably do this several more weeks and then see about Heidi sleeping on the top bunk and Rachel on the bottom bunk.  Stay tuned...

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