Saturday, February 5, 2011

East Side Sock Hop

Emma's elementary school has a Sock Hop every February. We went last year, with no poodle skirts. But I figure if East Side continues this tradition, we will need poodle skirts for the next 10 years! So I bought 2 poodle skirt dresses at a consignment sale last Fall - and that will probably be my approach for the next several years. We'll end up with poodle skirts sized from 2 to 10 (or something like that). Let me know if you need to borrow a poodle skirt! :-)We all had a good time tonight! Food from The Varsity, cookies from the bake sale, then off to dance. Heidi enjoyed palling around with Emma's classmates (and they graciously took her in).Emma had fun dancing with her friends too.I caught Emma to dance with her a little bit. She likes to spin. We really couldn't let Rachel down much because there were literally kids running everywhere. She surely would have been knocked over. But she enjoyed watching everyone. Rachel and Jason did give "The YMCA" a try! Maybe next year she'll get to dance a little more.

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