Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowed/Iced In

Sunday, January 9 it started snowing about 9PM. By 10:30 PM I'm guessing there was at least 2 inches on the ground. That's fast and a lot for around here. We woke up Monday morning to almost 6 inches of snow on the ground! Now that's a whole lot of snow for around here. :-)As Monday went on it continued to sleet and long story short, covered the snow with a 1/4 inch sheet of ice. As the week has gone on, the temperatures have stayed pretty much at or below freezing. So anything that has melted during the day has just added to the ice during the night. The roads have reportedly been terrible with lots of ice. What does all this mean???

1. No school - all week! (I really wonder when the last time that happened.)
2. We have not moved our cars since Sunday evening (Jason did go in to work today (Friday)).
3. All extra-curricular activities have been canceled.
4. No eating out (the piggy bank has appreciated this).
5. One really messed up playroom (it's not worth cleaning if it's just going to end up the same the next day). AND...
6. Lots of fun in the snow and ice!Monday we all got out in the snow to play. Rachel had a particularly difficult time walking. She spent most of her time as a tripod (2 feet and one hand) or on her bottom.She felt the best use of this stuff was to eat it.Heidi tried to make a snow angel, but with the layer of ice on top, it didn't work so well.She and I did manage to make a family of small snowmen (very small).But I think the most fun was had sledding. We started our sledding endeavors with an under the bed box. It worked better as it got more icy.Here is Rachel giving it a try:

Then our neighbor was nice enough to loan us her plastic disc sleds. They worked MUCH better!
As the days went on and it got more icy, sledding got easier. And by Wednesday, the girls were going down the hill with no sled at all. :-)

It's been a fun week, but today - day 5 - I'm kind of done. Especially since there's nothing really left for sledding and it's not conducive for playing in either. Now we're just stuck inside for yet another day. We may venture forth this afternoon - or I may wait 'til tomorrow to make sure roads are clear - I have pretty much zero experience driving on ice.

Here's a neat picture of the icicles we had hanging off of our roof! They got pretty long!Now everyone waits to hear when all these school days will be made up. But its been fun! Now let's get back to regularly scheduled programming.

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