Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a really fun Easter. It started with our annual church Easter Egg Hunt, the Saturday before Easter. We have a family at church who has hosted this event every year for the last 25 years! They have a great backyard for it and everyone always enjoys it. They "hide" hundreds of filled eggs and the children are released based on age - starting with the youngest, of course. Heidi and Emma each enjoyed picking up the eggs and filling their baskets. Rachel will get her first turn next year. :-)

Emma hunting for eggs.Happy girls with full Easter baskets!Counting the eggs.Easter Sunday we enjoyed an Easter service FULL of praise to God! After church and Sunday school, we headed up to Dahlonega to celebrate Easter with my family. We enjoyed a delicious lunch together and Grammy had Easter baskets for everyone. The hit in all of the grand kids' baskets was bubble blowers. So they all went outside and played with those for awhile.Then it was time for an Easter egg hunt. It started with Grammy hiding the eggs for all the kids. Then it turned in to the older kids hiding them for the younger ones. Although it really made me laugh how they would hide them, then follow the younger ones around pointing out where they had hid them. :-) I thought this was an Easter egg HUNT. ;-) But everyone enjoyed it.
Since Rachel didn't take part in the bubble blowing or Easter egg hunt, here is her picture from Easter.

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