Friday, January 15, 2010

Snow & Cold

We received our first snow of 2010 on January 14. Honestly - it wasn't much snow around here. Not even enough to build a snowman - not even a really little one - much to Heidi's disappointment. But the light dusting of snow was pretty.

Because it was cold going in to this snow and continued cold for several days after, it got really icy around here. Emma was out of school on Friday and there were car crashes a plenty around the city. Speaking of cold - I read in the paper that it was actually colder here than it was in Anchorage, Alaska!!! Our low that day was 19 and theirs was 29! Crazy.

Even though it was rather cold, the girls spent a little bit of time outside - mostly sliding on ice. And this of course was Rachel's first snow - so we needed some token pictures.
Hoping for some more snow this winter - some we can actually play in!!!

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