Monday, December 21, 2009

Heidi Quotes

Recent conversations with Heidi:

Heidi: "Are we going to baby Jesus' birthday party tonight?"
Mom: "No, we went to a birthday party for him at your school last week. But we celebrate Jesus' birthday on Christmas Day this week."
Heidi: "Will Mary, Joseph and the animals be there?"
(We have had a roof leak - Jason recently sealed where he thought the leak was. Jason went up in the attic to check the status of the leak.)
Heidi: "What are you doing Daddy?"
Daddy: "I'm looking for water."
Heidi: "It's in the sink."
(One of Heidi's favorite places to go is Home Depot. And recently, when we've been, we've looked at their Christmas decorations they have for sale. We were about to go drive around looking at Christmas lights and go to a local light display.)
Heidi: "Where are we going?"
Daddy: "We're going to go look at lots of Christmas lights!"
Heidi: "At Home Depot?"

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