Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Preparing for Little Girl #3

To catch anyone up who may not know, we are expecting little girl #3, due 9/15. Thanks be to God, my pregnancy has gone well. In preparing for our new arrival, we have moved Emma and Heidi in to the same room with bunk beds. We kind of thought that Emma could have the top bunk since she's older and a little bigger, however, Heidi immediately claimed it and Emma hasn't expressed any interest.
I think having the new bunk bed has helped Heidi transition to what was called "Emma's room." Heidi always wants to know who things belong to... "Mommy, is this your shirt or Daddy's?" And we have "our car" (our being Mommy, Emma and Heidi's car, aka, the van) and "daddy's car." So I wasn't so sure how giving up her room would go. However, it has gone quite well and she now refers to it as "the baby's room."

Heidi is also the helper around here. She particularly enjoys being Jason's helper. And she generally does a pretty good job. Part of moving the girls in to the same room involved getting a new dresser for Emma. Heidi helped Jason assemble it.


  1. That bunk bed set (including the models) is simply adorable! I have never seen a set with the steps before. Do they pretend it is their castle?

  2. What sweet, cute girls you have! I only know what boys are like. -Michael S.